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    1. Big Red Panic Button or Waterproof SOS Panic Button To Ask For Emergency Help
    2. 4 Wireless Watchdog Zones To Monitoring Activities Of Daily Living
    3. 3 Wireless 24 Hours Zones To Monitoring Living Environment
    4. 4 Timers For Reminding Elderly To Take Medicine On Time
    5. Familiarity Numbers For Easy To Dial 3 Telephone Numbers
    6. Large Capacity Rechargeable Backup Battery
    AED 499.00

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    1. Touch keypad; Big LCD displays
    2. GSM+PSTN dual network. If PSTN is disable, it will switch to GSM automatically
    3. Calendar+5 alarm call No.+1 alarm center call No.+1 alarm SMS No.+ 10S record+ Arm Delay + Alarm Delay + Alarm Beep Setting+ Call-in time setting+ Wireless Program+ Zone Attribute Setting+ User password + Program Password + Reset + Alarm History + Status History
    4. 30 wireless zones + 8 wired zones, every zone attribute, name, bypass, alarm delay, intelligent door sensor function, beep indication could do free setting.
    5. Alarm Inform Mode: PSTN Call, GSM Call, GSM SMS
    6. Alarm SMS include alarm zone and sensors name
    7. Work with Contact ID protocol(alarm information, status information, AC power off and recover, Low voltage, test)
    8. Support wireless “ding-dong” doorbell function
    9. Alarm priority, Reset, activate and disable alarm call and alarm SMS
    AED 400.00